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Rules and Regulations

Sports Zone

Rules and Regulations – Summer 2009

1. Hockey Canada rules will apply unless otherwise stipulated by Sports Zone. The following Sports Zone rules either supplement or negate the rules in the Hockey Canada rule book.


a) In order to participate in the Sports Zone Adult Hockey League all participating players and team officials must sign the waiver form before the first game. Team waiver forms can be updated as new players register for league play.

b) If a League official requests proper identification, the player must produce a piece of photo identification within 24 hours. Failure to comply constitutes the team as having an illegal player and may lead to a default and suspensions.


Teams must supply their own first aid supplies as a primary resource in the event of injury.


a) The game will start when the Zamboni is off the ice and the rink doors are closed.

WARM-UP: 3 minutes

b) The referee has the discretion of stopping the game due to injury, ice problems, rule explanations, etc.


a) League officials may stop, cancel, or delay a game in the event of poor ice conditions or other reasons that concern the safety of the players. Should both team representatives agree that the safety of their players is compromised, they too have the right to stop or cancel a game. Rescheduling games will be at the option of the League.

b) In the event that facilities become unavailable or that start times may be delayed due to circumstances beyond the league’s control; Ottawa Sports Zone may, at its discretion delay or cancel any given game.

c) In the event of cancellations due to poor weather conditions, rescheduling games will be at the option of the League.


a) It is the responsibility of the team rep, or an appointed substitute in the rep’s absence, to ensure that player numbers are entered correctly on the website, and that only players that are present are accounted for.

b) Requests to correct statistics must be submitted by the team rep or an appointed substitute in the rep’s absence, during the game, or immediately following the conclusion of the game.


a) Players must wear CSA approved hockey helmets and helmet hardware. Players without proper helmets, chinstraps, and helmet clips will not be permitted on the ice during a game (absolutely no substitutions). Players electing not to wear a face shield must remove the mask clips from the helmet.

b) While highly recommended, facemasks and visors are not mandatory, however, when in use they must be CSA approved. Depending on insurance needs, face masks and/or visors may also become necessary for all players.

c) Goaltenders are permitted to wear modified CSA cat eye masks. Old style cat eye masks are not allowed.

d) Failure to correct a piece of equipment immediately following a warning will automatically result in a minor penalty. The offending player may not return to play in that game, or any subsequent games, until the problem has been rectified and approved by a league official.


Body checking is not allowed. However, slap shots are allowed.


a) The icing marker will be the defensive blue line, not the red line.

b) Icing will be called even if the puck travels through the goal crease.

c) Two-line passes are legal; the red line will NOT be in play.


Players may change at any time, but must be made in a timely manner, otherwise referees have the right to issue a delay of game.,


a) At the 21:00 and 22:00 minute mark a team must have at least 5 skaters (belonging to their team) and a goalie. If the goalie is not ready at that time the game will be delayed until the goalie is on the ice, and a minor penalty for delay of game will be assessed to the team. If a goalie is not ready and on the ice by the 21:15 or 22:15 minute mark, the game will be forfeited with a score of 3-0 for the opposing team.

NOTE: If both teams elect to play a ‘friendly game’ after the default has been assigned the referees must remain to officiate the game. League discipline will apply to the friendly game.

b) A $75.00 dollar fine will be assessed to any team which forfeits as a result of rule 11a.

c) In the event of a goaltender injury/departure a team may either substitute one of their dressed players immediately, or may play with 6 skaters (none of whom will have goaltender privileges).

d) For Major penalties, Gross Misconducts, Game Misconducts, Misconducts, Match penalties, and 3 minor penalties to a goalie, the goalie may be allowed to continue playing. All discipline will be assessed after the conclusion of the game. If the referees deem it inappropriate to allow the goalie to continue playing then the goalie will be ejected and a sixth player will be allowed to fill in for the goalie (see rule 11c).

e) Any team who is unable to ice a minimum of three skaters and a goalie for any face-off other than the opening face-off (see rule 11a), will forfeit the game.


a) Teams must have at least one full set of matching sweaters with different numbers for all players participating in the game. We highly recommend that each team purchase 2 sets of jerseys.

b) If there is a color conflict the home team must immediately notify the referee, and the visiting team will be required to change jerseys.

c) All players must have a number on their jersey. And the jersey number must match the number on the website for statistical accuracy. Blank jerseys will only be acceptable for 1 player and the goalie.

d) If a sweater or a piece of equipment has been deemed illegal by a referee or league official it must be replaced. A taped number is not acceptable. Failure to do so will result in a penalty.

e) Goalies are not allowed to wear the same color jersey as the opposition. Failure to comply may result in a minor penalty for delay of game until the change is made.









a) FIGHTING: Fighting may result in a minimum 3 game suspension, with the instigator/aggressor receiving a minimum of one additional game. Any player taking physical advantage of an unwilling and non-punching opponent may be banned for life from the league. This is not a goon league, and the league will not tolerate intimidation and revenge on the ice.

NOTE *Gloves don’t have to be off for an altercation to be deemed a fight.

b) GAME EJECTION - Rather than penalize the team, referees may issue such a penalty. Normally, this type of penalty will not result in an additional suspension, however it will be recorded, and should it become a common occurrence, a suspension may result.

c) Any players receiving Majors, Misconducts, Game & Gross Misconducts, Game Ejections and Match penalties will have their actions reviewed by the league. The league may assess additional suspensions, or

request bonds depending upon the penalty and the players’ histories.

d) All major penalties will be accompanied by a Game Misconduct

e) Misconducts during the last 10 minutes of a game, or following a game, may result in a minimum 1 game suspension.

f) Any player receiving 3 minor penalties during the same game will be ejected. Any player being ejected for 3 minors for the third time may be subject to disciplinary action by the league.

g) All delayed penalties will be recorded on the official League score sheet of the game in which the delayed penalty was assessed. If an opposing team scores on the delayed call the individual(s) who was to be assessed the delayed penalty will not serve the penalty (MINORS ONLY) but will have the penalty(s) recorded and counted towards the individual’s maximum allowable number of minor penalties in one game.

h) No player may serve another team member’s penalty except in the following situations:

i) A penalty assessed to the goalie (player on the ice at the time of infraction).

ii) A penalty assessed to a player having been ejected from the game

iii) Any minor penalty assessed to a player having to leave the game because of an injury.

NOTE: players may rotate from the bench to the penalty box when serving an ejected player’s penalty(s).

i) Any altercation in the hallway may result in a suspension

j) Players ejected from a game for any reason whatsoever must immediately proceed to their respective dressing rooms. After changing into street clothes the player may then return to watch the game FROM THE STANDS. If the individual fails to follow this rule or causes any disturbance whatsoever, especially on preventing the game from continuing its regular flow, the player may be subject to an additional suspension.

k) Player reps will be held responsible for spare players’ actions. A suspension to a spare player may result in an additional suspension to the team rep.

l) A minor penalty will be assessed to players who fail to close the penalty box doors after serving their penalty.

m) If a player enters the crease area before the puck, and a goal is scored, the goal will be disallowed.

n) Players must remain off the ice surface until the Zamboni has left the ice surface and the doors are closed; failure to do so may result in a minor penalty

o) Contacting the puck with the stick above shoulder height is prohibited. When it occurs, play shall be stopped immediately, and a face-off will take place in the offending team’s defensive zone.

NOTE: The crossbar is not an applicable reference point for high sticking in the Sports Zone. That is an NHL rule.

p) Verbal abuse of on-ice officials, off-ice league officials, and opponents will not be tolerated. Suspensions may be levied in cases where abusive, offensive, derogatory language, racial slurs, and/or obscene gestures are directed toward officials and opponents.

q) Physical abuse of on-ice or off-ice officials may result in a permanent league ban.

r) Any contact to an opponent’s head/neck area, above the normal height of the shoulders, will result in an additional minor penalty.

s) All actions, penalized or otherwise, both on and off the ice are subject to league discipline.


a) Any player amassing a total of 14 penalties during the summer season (including playoffs) will be suspended for 1 game and will be required to pay a $100.00 cash bond from which $10.00 will be deducted and taken by the league for every penalty thereafter. This bond must be paid in full before playing again in the league (for any team). Remaining money will be refunded at the end of the season.

b) Individual players may have to post personal performance bonds to continue to play in this League. Performance bonds are a minimum $150.00 in cash, which the player in question must pay prior to resuming league play. The performance bond is the final warning for a player. If the player is ejected for any reason which may result in a League suspension under the League rules, while they are already on a performance bond, they will lose the bond and their playing privileges in this League for at least the remainder of the season. Reasons for performance bonds include:

i) Severe infraction of the rules (however, not serious enough to warrant a complete season suspension).

ii) Repeated disregard for the rules and safety of players, referees, or league officials.

iii) Player has amassed over 50 minutes in penalties in the past season in the Sports Zone Adult Hockey League.


a) Players must be at least 19 years of age in order to participate in league play.

b) To be eligible to participate during the playoffs players must have played a minimum of (3) regular season games with the team they wish to play for in the playoffs.

c) There is no minimum number of season games for an eligible goalie to participate in the playoffs.

However the spare goalie must be approved by the League. Failure to have a goalie approved may result in a default.

d) Sports Zone reserves the right to refuse any player entrance into the league.

e) Sports Zone reserves the right to move any team with dominant players to a different team, or if this is part of a complete team registration, Sports reserves the right to balance out the other existing teams to help balance the league out.

f) Sports Zone reserves the right to default a game if a team brings out a spare(s) that is of an unreasonably and noticeably higher skill level than the league standard.


a) Any team that is found to be using a player who is under suspension, an illegal player, or a player using an alias, will be assessed the following penalties:

i) The final score of the game will be recorded as ‘0’ for the team using the illegal player. 3-0 will be the default score if the margin of victory is less than 3 goals in favor of the non-offending team.

ii) The illegal player will have an additional 5 game suspension

iii) Teams using suspended/illegal players may also have their team representative PLUS their top scorer (reps will not count as a top scorer) suspended for that team’s next game.


Game officials shall be on the ice as soon as the Zamboni is off the ice and shall remain on the ice until both teams have left the ice surface.


Team reps will track player stats. The home team rep is responsible to submitting the final score and player statistics. The away team rep needs to be in agreement of final score and stats.


a) The following tiebreakers will be used if TWO OR MORE teams are tied in points:

i) Most wins

ii) Goal Differential (Goals For minus Goals Against)

iii) Fewest penalties

iv) Goals Against

NOTE: Winning percentages will be applied to those teams who have not played an equal amount of games.


The top 4 teams are eligible for the playoffs. The season is over for teams that fall within 5th or 6th place in the standings. As the match-ups become available the schedule will be posted on the playoff website which is linked through the main site at

First Round Playoffs: The top 4 teams will play in the first round playoffs (1st vs 4th, 2nd vs 3rd)

FINALS: The winners of the (1st vs. 4th, 2nd vs. 3rd) will play for the championship.

All playoffs & finals are 1-game eliminations and in the event of a tie, will be given to the team with the most wins during the regular season. The second tie-breaker will be decided by the most goals during the regular season.


a) Teams are responsible for obtaining and locking the assigned rooms. Sports Zone is not responsible for any lost of stolen merchandise both before, during or after scheduled playing times.

b) Team dressing rooms are occupied on a first come first serve basis.

c) Assigned dressing rooms may be entered no more than 30 minutes before ice time & must be vacated within 30 minutes after leaving the ice.


Once the season begins, there will be no player or team refunds issued.


The consumption of alcohol in the dressing rooms, bleachers, parking lot, or other unlicensed areas is strictly prohibited. A violation of this policy will result in the removal of a team for which an offending player is registered.


Sports Zone reserves the right to make any emergency changes and/or additions/deletions to the above rules. Rule changes will be posted on the website and/or will be e-mailed to team reps before the change is enacted.

Sports Zone Adult Hockey League has been designed to provide non-contact hockey at the recreational level. Disrespect towards game and administrative officials, and/or injurious actions by players will not be tolerated. Violation of the previous will be just cause for ejection from the League without refund of fees paid. (May 11, 2009)


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